Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summertime in Abilene

Can I just say that I was SO excited to see the post from Robert and Jodi yesterday? Abilene gets a wee bit lonely at times without friends running around everywhere. And I have to admit, watching (or even reading about) sports isn't the same without all of you sports-nut guys gathered in front of a TV. Though I do get updates from Jeremiah every night, on whatever sport he's watched or played that day.

I'm still in Abilene...still working at ACU Creative Services, where I proofread and edit and occasionally do other things...living at my sister's house (Lydia's former residence) for the summer, with an ever-changing group of roommates. First it was Leigh Anne and Sarah and me; it's about to be Leigh Anne and Bethany (my Bethany!) and me, because Sarah's leaving tomorrow and Bethany's coming in today. Not to mention sporadic out-of-town guests, which will include Jeremiah this weekend. (I told him he has to stay at our house because there is no running water/electricity at his, and I would REALLY like it if he showered while he was in town.)

I'm also still looking for a job, in some city working for some company, preferably working with words. I miss you guys and also can't wait to see everyone at the wedding. Happy summer! Much love!


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