Thursday, November 17, 2005

New post

Although it makes me feel a little alienated, Katie has got a new post up. I say alienated, but what I mean is I miss my friends. This semester more than any other it seems as though we are all headed in different directions. We used to get together just about every day for lunch, but we don't anymore. Something in me wonders if we only got together out of convienience, having Greek together just afterward. But, these are crazy times for all of us. Maybe I'm just jealous of what I see the House 9 folks in clear possesion of. Katie says it best I think. Family. Especially for a guy like me, family is important. I long for the proposition of a thanksgiving dinner on a day that isn't thanksgiving. Gathered around a communal table with my friends who over these few years have become family. Maybe, on the other hand, I have this and don't realize it. Just last night Kayla and I had a lovely dinner that Charity and Seth made. I commented that it would be cool if instead of going to Wednesday night church we did that every week. After a little conversation we decided that it would only be we four. Then Seth said something that I didn't take very seriously until just now. He said , "Hey! wherever two or more come together...." Well as I said I didn't think much of it at the time, but maybe Seth was saying that he figured that was a good idea. Maybe not, but I'll hold on to the hope I think. It makes me feel better even with the possibility that it isn't true.
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