Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Feedback, please

Anyone interested in finding a good activity for Sunday afternoon together? Let us know.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summertime in Abilene

Can I just say that I was SO excited to see the post from Robert and Jodi yesterday? Abilene gets a wee bit lonely at times without friends running around everywhere. And I have to admit, watching (or even reading about) sports isn't the same without all of you sports-nut guys gathered in front of a TV. Though I do get updates from Jeremiah every night, on whatever sport he's watched or played that day.

I'm still in Abilene...still working at ACU Creative Services, where I proofread and edit and occasionally do other at my sister's house (Lydia's former residence) for the summer, with an ever-changing group of roommates. First it was Leigh Anne and Sarah and me; it's about to be Leigh Anne and Bethany (my Bethany!) and me, because Sarah's leaving tomorrow and Bethany's coming in today. Not to mention sporadic out-of-town guests, which will include Jeremiah this weekend. (I told him he has to stay at our house because there is no running water/electricity at his, and I would REALLY like it if he showered while he was in town.)

I'm also still looking for a job, in some city working for some company, preferably working with words. I miss you guys and also can't wait to see everyone at the wedding. Happy summer! Much love!

Monday, June 26, 2006

A Message From Ground Zero...

Hey Guys-

Not sure if anyone's in the habit of checking this anymore, but thought I would send a few thoughts out there to anyone who is. We haven't done a very good job keeping in touch with much of anyone this summer... we only have internet access at the church, and between the church work and our part-time jobs (and school for me), it's hard to find time to make a phone call. We think about all of you often, and pray for you, too. Here's an update on life on the Northshore.

Robert's working as a stocker at Old Navy. He's pretty much one of the only morons working there, as evidenced by their recent proposal to him to start working full-time and start training for management positions. He turned that down, but we're enjoying the discount at Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic.

I work at Bombay (like Pier 1, for any of you who don't know). It's okay, not great. The hours are alright, but we get run ragged if it's busy, because we still only have 7 employees. I enjoy the people I work with and get to talk to lots of hurricane victims who are buying new furniture, so it's a great ministry opportunity.

The church here is good, but they are all already exhausted from ten months of hard work in disaster relief. There are currently 11 apprentices, including us. Most are from Harding, but we're representin', and we also have a couple from the University of Delaware. The harvest is plenty, but the workers are few. Over 700 houses have been gutted so far, and we have another 300+ on the list, but we don't have any volunteers booked past August 15.

Robert's co-teaching with Bret in a Wednesday night series on The DaVinci Code. We both finally read the book. It was okay, but the ending is lame. And the movie was pretty ridiculous. Besides, we've found evidence that the Holy Grail is actually somewhere in the MidCity area of New Orleans...

We're looking forward to seeing everyone at Seth and Charity's wedding! We haven't been able to find decent plane tickets, so I think we'll be driving down, unfortunately, but it will be nice to see all of your faces. If you get a chance throw a post up and let everyone know how your summer's going. God bless-

Robert and Jodi