Thursday, October 13, 2005

You Can't Win Them All

I have decided to renounce MySpace. I am constantly barraged by invitations for friendship by people that like a band I mentioned or something. Bah. At any rate until the Anti-Drift actually becomes able to keep us from drifting I have decided to make it my personal blog. Any objections can be made in the form of comments to this post, and I will promptly create a new blog, as it will only take 4 seconds or so. So why didn’t you do that already Reno? Yes, I am that lazy.

At any rate I should start with a bit about my Stros. We won tonight 4-1, and Reggie Sanders may be out a game or two, at least that was the last I heard. After the poor offensive performance, despite many chances, the other night, I was pleased to see my boys in better form.

I read Jeremiah’s blog about social clubs, (you knew I would) and I made a witty little comment about throwing water balloons at them. The guy or girl that posted after me however had no wit whatsoever. My bet is that he is a guy. I site his second paragraph for proof. It is reminiscent of a lesson taught to me by Big Tony about the “we and they” statements in Luke/Acts. This is definitely a “they” paragraph. And, this guy is hot. So hot that it seems he has left his Strunk and White in the book bag for this comment. Oh well, you can’t win them all can you E.B.? At any rate I think Jeremiah sufficiently prefaced his tome. It is erroneous to think of it as a factual representation of status quo. Jeremiah makes no claim for that sort of reading at all. Whatever happened to that that constitutional amendment? Oh well, you can’t win them all can you? It seems we have slipped into some conspicuous pretense about any sort of expression. It figures doesn’t it? Sure you can express yourself any way you want. Just as long as someone who takes the time to seek out your expression and overanalyze it isn’t offended. You know what? If he does, you aren’t only wrong, but you are “immature and unchristian”. Wait, that’s not right. Oh yes it is. Especially in a society that continues to bend over backwards for the sake of minority (the word itself has nothing to do with race). This isn’t about social clubs. This is about someone saying in print what the majority of people are thinking. It’s about folks who REFUSE to take long looks at themselves. Instead they comment on what other people write in true self expression. I say this guy probably longs to be heard in some medium of expression, but unfortunately the true expression of self will never come through reaction. Especially not in reaction to another’s self expression.

Oh well, you can’t win them all.


At 7:56 AM, Blogger Katie said...

I was actually pretty sure that person was a girl - because of the way her hackles went up about girls' social clubs. And by the way - she blasted Jeremiah for sharing "unfactual information" and then went on to make a point about "clubs that rejected your girlfriend." Excuse me? Speaking of factual - this person must not know said girlfriend. :)

Anyway, I say amen to your opinion, Reno. Jeremiah never claimed that his opinion was the definitive or the only one about social clubs. And frankly, this debate takes up way too much of our time and energy at ACU. Whatever happened to "keeping the main thing the main thing"? Do we even know what the main thing is anymore?

At 11:26 AM, Blogger rkw said...

I don't think so.


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